College Jump Rope Bundle – Speed & Beaded

College Jump Rope Bundle – Speed & Beaded

Looking to elevate your school’s fitness game? Elevate Rope’s College Jump Rope Bundle has got you covered! Perfect for schools or colleges looking to bulk up their PE classes, sports teams, or fitness clubs. Our bundle includes 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 PVC and beaded jump ropes, providing durability and longevity for high volume use. This bundle offers a high-quality jump rope solution at an affordable price, so your school or college can focus on what matters most – fitness, fun, and healthy competition. Order now and give your students the gift of elevated fitness!

Includes: 50% PVC Jump Ropes & 50% Beaded Jump Ropes

  • Professional jump rope with an adjustable length up to max. 3 mt, thickness 5 mm, weight 0.1 kg. The jump rope is sold with a 90 day guarantee on the ropes and a lifetime guarantee on the handles.
  • Made from high quality, durable PVC with a nylon cable core for extra durability, speed and smoother transitions. Super strong handles for even more jumping fun and relief of the wrist joints.
  • Beaded ropes include 3 mm poly cord/8mm including beads, weight 0.1 kg. The jump rope is sold with a 90 day guarantee on the rope and a lifetime guarantee on the handles.
  • Beaded setup gives you more feedback in comparison with a speed rope. This is perfect for beginners, learning new tricks and gives you a better feel of the whereabouts of the rope when it’s traveling around your body.
  • Beads are made from high quality, durable PVC.
  • Cord is made from high quality polypropylene for extra durability, feedback and smoother transitions.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor fitness training. Perfect jumprope for freestyle, learning new tricks, cardio exercises, endurance training, balance, gymnastics and slimming.

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The ELEVATE MAX speed & beaded ropes, perfect for beginner to advanced jumpers looking to do fast-paced cardio sessions, freestyle wraps, releases and combine the realm of freestyle and cardio skipping!

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10 Jump Ropes, 25 Jump Ropes, 50 Jump Ropes, 100 Jump Ropes, 200 Jump Ropes


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